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ColdFusion File Manager Issue: Application Does not Work on Ubuntu / Linux platform

Name: Application Does not Work on Ubuntu / Linux platform
ID: 7
Project: ColdFusion File Manager
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Tim
Created: 03/16/11 2:27 PM
Updated: 02/21/14 5:47 AM
Description: I've installed the application on Ubuntu 10.10 / Apache 2 / Coldfusion 9

Application loads, but cannot access the getService function. Possible case sensitivity issue?


The error occurred in /var/www/fileManager/core/FileManager.cfc: line 80
Called from /var/www/fileManager/core/FileManager.cfc: line 55
Called from /var/www/fileManager/remote/FileManager.cfc: line 29
Called from /var/www/fileManager/remote/FileManager.cfc: line 79

78 : <cfargument name="name" type="string" required="true" hint="Plugin name" />
79 :
80 : <cfreturn variables.plugins.get( arguments.name ).getService() />
81 : </cffunction>
82 :
History: Created by tbugler (Tim) : 03/16/11 2:27 PM

Comment by dileepdyavan (dileep) : 02/21/14 5:47 AM
How to create multiple directory trees ?

I have a requirement to show the directories located in two different servers as two trees in the application

Please clarify

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