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ColdFusion File Manager Issue: The application is not portable (at application level)

Name: The application is not portable (at application level)
ID: 3
Project: ColdFusion File Manager
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Andrea Veggiani
Created: 04/07/10 7:16 AM
Updated: 04/27/10 8:15 PM
Description: Please make the application portable; now it has to be deployed on the root of the webserver and the file system folder is hard coded in XML.

Let the user choice where to install the manager and programmatically decide where to point the folder root.
History: Created by aveggiani (Andrea Veggiani) : 04/07/10 7:16 AM

Comment by oeding (Brian Oeding) : 04/27/10 5:51 PM
By changing the paths to the main files directory from 2 different cffm.cfm files I was able to get it to work except I'm still having trouble getting the Browse button to show up, when I click on the Upload Files button. Ideas? Is the path embedded in flash or something?

Comment by oeding (Brian Oeding) : 04/27/10 8:15 PM
I posted to the wrong file manager. Please ignore my comment above.

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