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ColdFusion File Manager Issue: IE 8 Problem with Demo and Download

Name: IE 8 Problem with Demo and Download
ID: 6
Project: ColdFusion File Manager
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Marc Wragg
Created: 06/25/10 9:44 AM
Updated: 09/30/10 9:54 AM
Description: In IE 8 I am unable to get past the loading screen. down in the bottom of my browser I am informed that line 436 is causing the problem. I commented out this line and I was able to get into the site. The line in question is

         freeSpacePlugin.addEventListener('click',fileManager.plugin.FreeSpace , false );

the file is the main.js file found in assets/ui/ajax/

Can you fix this and what is the effect of not having this line?

History: Created by mwragg98 (Marc Wragg) : 06/25/10 9:44 AM

Updated by chriskolle (Cristian Costantini) : 09/30/10 9:54 AM

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