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ColdFusion File Manager
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ColdFusion File Manager Issue: demo fails in IE7 on Windows XP

Name: demo fails in IE7 on Windows XP
ID: 4
Project: ColdFusion File Manager
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Brian Oeding
Created: 05/11/10 12:23 PM
Updated: 09/30/10 9:55 AM
Description: Hangs at the start. Error:

Line 595 fileManager.plugin.PluginManager.handler is null or not an object
URL is filemanager/index.cfm
History: Created by oeding (Brian Oeding) : 05/11/10 12:23 PM

Comment by oeding (Brian Oeding) : 05/11/10 5:11 PM
It does work in FF 3.6.3 on Win XP, but my target is IE7, so I'm stuck.

Updated by chriskolle (Cristian Costantini) : 09/30/10 9:55 AM

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