Plugin in 5 step

ColdFusion FileManager is a web application extensible  with plugin.

You can develop plugin for extend your fileManager installation. First step is create a folder into /fileManager/plugin/ path, for examples ( /fileManager/plugin/myFirstPlugin).

Create a Plugin.cfc file with extends attribute set to fileManager.util.AbsPlugin.

Create a CFC with your server-side action for your plug-in. For this tutorial I've create a ImageResize.cfc for resize image after drop action.

Now, create a Plugin.xml file and edit it.

<plugin id="it.millemultimedia.fileManager.plugins.ImageResize"

      <!-- map methods to remote facade generator -->
      <remote type="facade" name="imageresize" use-service="ImageResize" map-to-class="fileManager.plugin.imageResize.ImageResize">
         <method name="resize" />
         <script src="plugin/imageResize/assets/js/imageResize.js" />
         <icon src="plugin/imageResize/assets/ico/ImageResize.png" message="Drop Image file for resize it." />
         <listener target="imageresize" event="onDrop" plugin="fileManager.plugin.ImageResize.handler.resize" ddGroup="gridDDGroup" />

The Plugin.xml file, map your CFC to Javascript and create dynamic proxy. (Next Post write the Plugin.xml reference)

Create an other folder called assets/js and assets/ico. On ico folder, save your icon with 64x64 px of dimensions. In js folder create a Javascript file for manager the handlers.


fileManager.plugin.ImageResize.handler.resize = function(dd, e, data){{
            title: 'Resize Image ' + data.selections[0],
            msg: 'Are you sure?',
            width: 300,
            height: 200,
            buttons: {
               yes: true,
               no: true,
               cancel: false
            fn: function(btn){
               switch (btn) {
                  case 'yes':

                        url: services.imageresize.resize,
                        method: 'post',
                        params: {
                           source: "/" + data.selections[0].data.relativepath
                        waitMsg: 'Resize image',
                        success:function( response, options ){
                           var res = Ext.util.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
                           var log1 = document.getElementById("logArea").value;
                           if( res.success == true ){
                              document.getElementById("logArea").value = getCurrentTime()+' | Image '+data.selections[0]' resized\n' + log1;
                              errorLogHandler( res );

                  case 'no':
   return true;

Zip your plugin folder and upload with FileManager, so you make possible install it .

Your plugin is ready.

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